Insurance Services

Once your mortgage has been approved, the next step is to think about protecting your home, family and income.

It is not a pleasant thought but if something happened

  • Could you remain in your home if your partner died?
  • Could you still make the mortgage payments if you became ill?
  • Would you be able to maintain your or your family’s life style?

Yes, emotive questions but the reality is that the State will provide very little in the way of help and this situation is not going to improve.

However, all of us insure our cars, sometimes we take out payment protection with loans and perhaps purchase warranties for white goods such as TVs etc, but very few of us insure the biggest asset we have, ‘ourselves’!

In our discussions with you, Brighton & Hove Mortgages will show you how these policies will help meet your needs. We won’t ‘sell’ policies to you, instead we will discuss and identify what you may require. Most importantly of all, we listen to what you want and in return, explain how protection policies work for you.

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